29 NPCS: The Merchant Sactonal

Sometimes dedication does not mean daily – it means doing the task as assigned in an orderly manner. Given my record with this project, I’m starting to look to my off days. No work, no games? Time to generate a few NPC additions to the project! If I can hit 31 by Halloween, the “how” becomes less relevant.

Sactonal – Merchant, Retired Mercenary
Owner & Operator of the Black River Outfitters, Sactonal tries to keep the fishermen and visitors to the island supplied. Her stock is limited, but filled by infrequent shipments out of Sanctus. She works with Hurlee to keep a high supply of rations for explorers (dried and smoked river fish, etc.), and personally builds canoes for rental or sale.

She’s a no-nonsense merchant with flat prices and a sense of fairness in her business. Most of her profits are put back into the business to ensure that she’s resupplied regularly. Her personal indulgence is soap. She bathes regularly, far more often than other residents of the island. Her sense of hygiene goes well with her ordered demeanor. As a former mercenary and veteran of the Shield of Sanctus, Sactonal was a part of the failed North Continent Trading Company expedition. She treats all members of the Shield (current and former) as friends.


Sactonal (Half-Orc, Female, 27)

Sactonal is quite attractive. Her frame is strong and she keeps her braided hair pulled back from her face. She bathes regularly and radiates a strong military bearing.

Sactonal is strong and very fit. She’s not super charismatic in her military demeanor.

After living in the bayou region for the better part of five years, Sactonal has a great sense of the weather and can predict it with uncanny accuracy.

Sactonal’s physical expressions tend to fall into the “I can tell she was in a militant order.” range. When she’s thinking, bored, or distracted she will roll a copper coin between her fingers while she’s thinking.

As a merchant, Sactonal is stern but polite. She prefers direct communications and does not favor negotiating. Her prices are firm, but fair.

Keeping Black River Island safe and supplied. In that order. She can’t bear to walk away fully and keeps to the general mission of her work in the Shield of Sanctus by remaining on the island.

Anyone in the Shield of Sanctus is a friend. A true friend who can be trusted.

Flaws and Secrets
When she was a child Sactonal was teased wickedly by adolescent gnomes. She unconsciously treats them all poorly as a result.

Beyond her stock in the store Sactonal keeps a healthy supply of soap and makes a canoe each month.


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