31 NPCs: March Warden Dougal Ainsley

Note: This series will follow a simple format. The main page for the blog will show everything a character in my setting might get to know about a NPC with a little bit of asking around. Clicking through the link will reveal more information, including some spoilers.

I’ll leave it up to my players to decide if they want to shield themselves from the meta game knowledge or not. I don’t sweat basic spoilers all that much, it’s easy to address at the table if someone goes beyond character knowledge. The super secrets won’t land on this blog, or other public space.

March Warden Dougal Ainsley

Dougal was one of the first people to come to the island and funded the rebuilding of the Lighthouse Tower to encourage others to visit and lead off their adventures there. His appearance is slightly greasy, but not disheveled – access to soap and other bathing items is a bit restricted on Black River Island. He’s healthy and fit, and works hard every day to improve the life of those who come to the island.

He’s not always sure what to do for the people. He sees the opportunity to start something good here, but isn’t the sort who understands the deeper logistical needs and relies on others to build that up. He does all he can to get to know the peoples who visit his domain, and enjoys speaking to them in their languages. To him this is a form of respect and gesture of welcome. He is loyal to a fault and will willingly put his life on the line to protect the people of his island.


March Warden Dougal Ainsley (Human – Albannich, Male 37)

Occupation and History

Dougal was one of the first people to come to the island and funded the rebuilding of the Lighthouse Tower to encourage others to visit and lead off their adventures there. He’s the bastard son of a nobleman in Sanctus, but does not flaunt this or use anything resembling the family name. The funds that enabled him to settle here come from his father as a buy-off to go away – permanently. He did, though they are now depleted.


Greasy haired, strong (well developed forearms visible from rolled sleeves). Black hair, ice blue eyes.


Healthy and robust. Strong, but in a resilient manner. He can work all day and not think twice about resting until the evening. In the balance, he’s somewhat unable to connect the dots on what Black River Island needs most. He means well, has done his best to create a safe and encouraging environment, but needs help from people who can better assess what’s needed and put it in motion.


Has a knack for languages. Knows Common, Elven, Draconic, Celestial, and Dwarven.


Makes constant jokes. Often at his own expense.


Brave. Will defend his tower, island, and people (in reverse order).


Aspiration – Encourage the growth of Black River Island into a proper and safe hold for the peoples of Sanctus.


Extremely loyal to the half-orc Sactonal. When he was cast off by his father for being a bastard her father (Ozomatli) took him in, sheltered him, and ensured that the then boy would grow up on the proper side of the law.

Flaws and Secrets

Was responsible for death of a elderly woman years ago, wants to make amends. Does not know how to reach her family.


A warhammer he fights with when necessary. Basic tools for handy work, documentation, and weighing of materials. A seal of authority granted by the Council of Sanctus.


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