31 NPC’s in 31 Days


Challenge: I will create and share a NPC every single day in October.

In order to build better NPC discipline, I’m going to generate and share one every single day this month. Great NPC’s are a key part of making a campaign setting feel alive. They give it voices, personalities, and contrasts as they interact with player characters. The more I am rushed in DM work, the more flat and dull my NPCs get – and the flatter the campaign world feels.

I will use the tools in the Dungeon Master’s Guide as a keystone for building the NPCs. There’s enough variability in the book to give each of them a hook and soft story. That’s enough to create a launching pad for significant NPCs, and more than enough for minor NPCs like shopkeepers.

For the most part, I think the challenge will be keeping up with my discipline. Late in the month I’m going to be away for nearly a week to support a professional event for my employer. I’ll still have downtime after working each day, and it isn’t a party atmosphere so it’s not impossible to stay on task – I’ll just have to focus. It will be a good test though.

What to expect? A template to give them consistency. Inside the template space I want to focus on their personalities, the quirks that make them individuals, important relationships they have, and their motivation. Stat blocks will not be a part of that fun. I could go there, but the world is for the heroes, not the background characters. Those stats matter far less than the personalities and needs.

This will help to address the gap in Sanctus for the Detroit Marches campaign. It’s been left as a mostly empty canvass that we can modify based on player need and their character ideas. With over 30 characters created, it’s a good time to start putting work into that canvas.



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