Reflecting on Session Zero

Middle Ages Friends

I held a Session Zero day for my part of the Detroit Marches campaign last weekend. Reflecting on everything that happened, it went well. Old friends dropped by to make characters. New friends were met, welcomed, and made characters. We talked a lot about the game, and a few board games were played.

All the appropriate boxes were checked, and people had fun.

The best part of it for me? Seeing friends I hadn’t seen in a month or so. With my prior Hoard of the Dragon Queen and Lost Mine of Phandelver campaigns wrapping up around Gen Con and Michigan Summer calling everyone to enjoy the outdoors I didn’t get to see people quite as much. As those familiar faces passed through our doorway I felt genuinely warmed and happy. It’s great to know so many good people. It’s great to share games with them.

That was my real takeaway from Session Zero. D&D is fantastic because it gets people together for fun. The adventure takes front seat, but the true joy is just sharing good times with good people. I’ll likely write-up a bit about Session Zero from the DM perspective. What’s good to cover, why it matters, etc. but really, the true takeaway is “I got to enjoy the company of many of my friends.”


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